Talk about prayer enough and people will eventually ask you, “What are the best books on prayer?”

The term best is relative, of course. But, over the years, as the books in my bookcase on prayer have taken up more rows, I’ve got a list of my favorites that I refer to often. I don’t know if these are the best, but they are the books on prayer I’ve dog-eared and highlighted the most.

Best Books on Prayer

These are my favorite books on the topic of prayer.

The Path of Prayer by Samuel Chadwick — Don’t let it’s brevity fool you. This short book is full of quotable lines and insight on prayer that only comes by thousands of hours of practice. Reading this book feels like you’re sitting down with a master of his craft, if there is such a thing when it comes to prayer.

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala — This is more of history of Pastor Cymbala and Brooklyn Tabernacle, but it’s a remarkable story that cannot be told apart from the incredible prayer that made it all possible. Reading this book WILL inspire you to pray for your church and so much more.

Prayer by Timothy Keller — Keller is an academic, but his books aren’t disconnected from the practical life of the everyday reader. This book will help you think about prayer without sterilizing the topic or robbing it of its mystery, and you’ll be inspired to put the book down and pray, which is, ironically, the ultimate goal.

Best Prayer Books

These are my favorite books with written prayers.

The Pastor in Prayer by Charles Spurgeon – In this book, the seminal Charles Spurgeon lets you listen in to his prayers that quite literally changed the world. Even if you’re not a pastor, the prayers are applicable to your calling and your church, and the language he uses will begin to influence your own prayer vocabulary.

The Valley of Vision by various authors — This book is a collection of Puritan prayers from the 1600-1800’s that are as poetic as they are sincere. With phrases this thought-provoking and Scriptural, it’s not to be read quickly.

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