Please pray aloud:

O King, Scripture tells us you are the only wise God. So I come to you now asking you to give your wisdom to the leaders of my church.

Where would we be without your counsel? What can we do without your guidance? Even though we would be wise in our own eyes, our decisions at best would lead to a lesser, manmade result. At worst, it would lead to our destruction. Save us from ourselves, O God!

You Word promises that if we lack wisdom, you will give it to us generously and without discrimination. So God, please give us your wisdom. You insight. Your foresight. Your discernment. Fill us with the sweet counsel of the Counselor, your Holy Spirit.

Help us sift through the thousands of good things we could do and choose instead the very few best things you want us to do. How should we spend our finances? Where should we allocate our time? Who should we invite into leadership and who should we reposition? What should we begin doing, Lord? What should we stop?

Let a mutual knowledge of your wisdom keep us from division over the decisions we make.
— Pray for Your Church

And then, O Wonderful Counselor, help us to not only know your plan for us, give us the courage and strength to do it. Help us follow through as your faithful servants and good stewards of your church. Give us the humility to accept your calling for us and to submit to one another as we submit to you, our one, supreme authority. Keep us from tight–clenched fists that hang on to our preferred way of doing things. Keep us from idolatry. Let a mutual knowledge of your wisdom keep us from division over the decisions we make.

Unite this church in your wisdom, O God!

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.
James 1:5

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