Few things are more important to the health of the church than the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of its pastor.

It’s why Paul urges in 1 Timothy 2:1 that, “petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving” be made for “all those in authority”. It’s why James 3:1 reminds us that leaders are held to a higher standard. And it’s why God warns Israel in Zechariah 13:7 that if someone would “strike the shepherd, and the sheep will scatter”. The health of the leader matters to the health of the church, and one of the ways you can improve the health of those in authority over you stay is to pray for them.

But praying for your leaders is a broad topic. Pray for what? Their health? Protection from temptation? What about their sermon writing? Because the topic is so vague, it’s easy for people to devolve into vague “please bless” kind of prayers. And it’s not that God can’t use general prayers, but it’s hard to stay focused or fervent without specificity.

After years of reading books and articles on how to pray for your pastor, I created a list of 52 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor. I then sent that list to my elders, asking them to commit to praying for me for that week’s specific topic. Here’s the list for you to help your church pray for your pastor.

52 Ways to Pray for Your Pastor


Week 1 — Help them grow in their prayer life
Week 2 — Keep them openhearted and submissive to the Lord’s leading
Week 3 — Keep them consistent in their private time with God
Week 4 — Help them grow in knowledge and understanding of God’s Word


Week 5 — Give them discernment to know their priorities
Week 6 — Give them good time management skills to keep their priorities


Week 7 — Help them maintain healthy personal friendships
Week 8 — Help them maintain healthy boundaries in all relationships
Week 9 — Help them cope with the loneliness of leadership


Week 10 — That God would grant them his wisdom in all their decisions
Week 11 — That they would clearly see the difference between their wisdom and God’s wisdom


Week 12 — Keep them mentally and emotionally healthy
Week 13 — Keep them physically healthy
Week 14 — Help them rest completely
Week 15 — Protect them from sickness and injury
Week 16 — Help them maintain a healthy work/life balance


Week 17 — Bind all temptations the devil may bring against them
Week 18 — That God would give them a desire to build God’s kingdom and not one’s own
Week 19 — Give them strength to resist all sexual temptations
Week 20 — Give them strength to resist all financial temptations
Week 21 — Give them strength to resist all substance temptations
Week 22 — Give them strength to resist all temptations of fame or success
Week 23 — Give them strength to resist all slothfulness


Week 24 — That God would bless them financially
Week 25 — That they would be content, whether there’s little or much
Week 26 — Help them know the joy of sacrificial giving


Week 27 — Protect them from resentment
Week 28 — Protect them from competition and arrogance
Week 29 — Protect them from a domineering spirit


Week 30 — Help them demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit
Week 31 — Give them godliness in action, dress, and speech


Week 32 — Give them sermons that are fresh and innovative
Week 33 — Give them sermons that are full of truth and revelation
Week 34 — Give them sermons that are compelling and clear
Week 35 — Give them sermons that draw people to Jesus
Week 36 — Give them sermons that are fresh and innovative


Week 37 — Help them equip the the saints for the work of the ministry
Week 38 — Give them healthy relationships and strong leadership with staff
Week 39 — Give the congregation a heart of submission to their leadership
Week 40 — That they would clearly know and follow God’s vision for the church
Week 41 — That they would communicate God’s vision for the church in a clear and compelling manner


Week 42 — Give their spouse a desire to complement and complete them as a leader
Week 43 — Give them a healthy, loving physical and emotional relationship
Week 44 — Protect their marriage from stress, distractions, and outside temptations
Week 45 — Give them a united heart in ministry
Week 46 — Protect their spouse from sickness and injury


Week 47 — Help their children develop a true and intimate relationship of their own with the Lord
Week 48 — Give their children godly relationships
Week 49 — Give their children good relationships with them as parents
Week 50 — Give their children good relationships with brothers and sisters
Week 51 — Keep their children from resentment of the ministry
Week 52 — Protect their children from sickness and injury

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